Take the sweat out of donating with these four easy steps!

The quick and easy way to organize donations

When you’re decluttering, it can be so easy to end up with piles in every corner. You have a pile to keep, a pile to donate, a pile of items to fix, a pile of things to return to your sister or friend…you get the idea. You’ve sorted items into different categories, and yet, you […] Read more…

Tired of advice telling you need a whole weekend to declutter? Here's how you can declutter your entire home by finding 20 minutes each day.

Declutter your home in 20 minutes per day

You want to know how I decluttered my entire house when I am one of the least motivated individuals on the entire planet? So often we think of decluttering as this big project. We see it on YouTube and in Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, “Tidying Up.” People take a day, a week, or a month […] Read more…

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you clean, your house quickly starts looking messy again? Here's why you should stop cleaning and start decluttering.

Why you should stop cleaning and start decluttering

If your house is anything like mine, it takes an hour to clean it up but just a second to make it dirty again. Part of the problem is the ever growing piles of clutter. You straighten them up but eventually shuffle through the papers to find the electric bill and they’re a mess again. […] Read more…

Have a ton of toys but don't know where to start? Read this post to learn how to quickly and easily sort through toys.

How to declutter toys in 8 easy steps

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly in a state of decluttering the playroom? Oh goodness, me too. As soon as I take toys out the door to donate, more are showing up from grandparents, Christmas, birthdays, and my weakness, garage sales. In this post, I’m going to walk you through simple steps to decluttering […] Read more…

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