The ultimate secret to never losing socks

Are you in a never-ending battle of losing socks in the laundry? Despite your best efforts, socks go in as a pair and come out solo, their brothers and sisters never seen again.

No fear, mama, you are not alone! I always hear friends complaining about the land of lost socks. This mythical land loves variety and scoffs at the thought of taking a complete sock pair. You end up having a drawer full of socks that don’t have a match.

In this post I’m going to walk you through a simple and stupidly easy tip for keeping socks from disappearing. This tip also makes it so much easier to match and fold socks. Double win!

How this messy mama stopped losing socks

When we moved into our house a few years ago, we bought a used front-loading washer and dryer set off of Facebook Marketplace. We were excited to leave the world of top loading washing machines, which often left bite holes in our clothes. Considering we rely on our clothes to last several years, the tiny holes would eventually become bigger holes, until there was more hole than shirt. (Ahem, darling husband of mine. I’m looking at you!)

Quickly, we realized two downsides to our front-loading washer. The first being mold in the seal (which is a post for another day). The second being that socks — especially baby/toddler socks — quickly slip out and spend the entire wash cycle nudged between the seal and the plastic window. No good.

Most times I would take a whiff of the sock to see if it was clean “enough” to throw in the dryer. But it still frustrated me to no end.

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The ultimate secret to never losing socks

I searched on Pinterest and went shopping to find a solution, and eventually landed on (drum roll please…) lingerie bags.

The ultimate secret to never losing socks

Lingerie bags are these laundry bags for putting delicate items in so they don’t get snagged when they’re in the wash cycle. Since we’re using them for socks, we call them sock bags. I bought the cheapest ones Walmart had and they work great for corralling the socks.

We hung a hook right next to our laundry basket in the closet and hung a hook in my three year old’s closet too. When we take of our dirty clothes, the clothes go into the laundry basket and the socks go into the sock bag.

The ultimate secret to never losing socks

Not only do I no longer lose socks, but my husband doesn’t go off to work with a sock stuck to the back of his shirt from static. It also makes folding socks a breeze.

The downside

Well, you’ll no longer get to use a cutesy way to store lone socks, with signs that say “Looking for sole mate” and “Clean. Single. Looking for a mate.” But seriously, that’s it.

A simple sock bag is cheap to buy, easy to use, and makes it super easy to fold clean socks.

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